Welcome to Sweetpea’s Home!

Hello and welcome! I'm Sweetpea

Hello and welcome! I’m Sweetpea

Even though I’m no longer in school, for me September still brings with it promises of fresh starts and new beginnings. As we put the long, lazy days of summer behind us, September is the perfect time to recharge and get back into our old routines. It’s also a great opportunity to set goals, discover new interests, and make some positive changes in our lives.

Welcome to Sweetpea’s Home, my new beginning this September. Sweetpea’s Home is a lifestyle blog where I’ll be sharing easy inspiration to live each day beautifully. I’m ‘Sweetpea,’ a childhood nickname given to me by my older sister. As a self-proclaimed undomestic goddess, I’m a big believer that simple can still be beautiful. I’m not afraid to try new things and fail (sometimes my biggest mistakes turn out to be delicious, or at least hilarious). And while I may not always have perfectly pressed linens, there really is no place like home. As the nights get cooler and I spend more time indoors, there’s no better time to hone my domestic skills. On this blog, you’ll find simple ideas for a beautiful home and a happy spirit – recipes, décor, my favourite finds, and all the little things that make a house a home and life a little bit sweeter.

Thanks for stopping by! Your comments, suggestions, and questions are much appreciated as I learn the ropes of both blogging and domestic bliss. Stay tuned!